Trickshot mode unveiled in Street Power Soccer

In the annual debate of FIFA vs Pro Eco, here’s something a little different, Street Power Soccer. Focusing on the street game of the world’s most popular sport, and not in a watered down version of the classic game like FIFA Street, this one focuses on the real skills and activities that you would find at places like Freestyle World Championships. You’ve got a Freestyle mode which purely focuses on the tricks and moves of freestyle soccer, a Trickshot mode trying to knock down targets in various settings, Panna mode where you face of 1v1 to either score goals for a single point or nutmeg your opponent for two, an Elimination mode where goals knock opponents off the pitch until no one’s left, and 2v2 or 3v3 Power Matches complete with superpowers. Ok maybe that last one isn’t so focused on real street football. There’s also an adventure mode where the game’s marquee star Sean Garnier will show the modes and take you around the world to the various locations. The trailer below is focusing on the Trickshot mode, check it out. 

Street Power Soccer is packed with real world freestyle football stars and is an intriguing first real effort at bringing the game from the streets into the digital space. For me it is all going to come down to how they pull off the control scheme. Too easy and the game will be boring, too tough and I’ll never master it to unlock the joy that genius can create. But there is a sweet spot, think of like the combat system from a Batman Arkham game, where all the buttons and combos are mapped intelligently and all come in to play to score brilliant, flowing combos that both require enough skill to master but are super satisfying to pull off without 10,000 hours of practice. If I wanted to work that hard I would just learn the moves in real street football. 

Street Power Soccer launches at the end of the month, August 25th, for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Title: Trickshot mode unveiled in Street Power Soccer
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